7 Most Effective Artists to Listen to While Working Out

It is fun to exercise to a catchy beat and fabulous lyrics to listen to while sweating your buns off. As a gym junkie, I’m very picking when it comes to music. That’s why I want to share my best collection for working out. For me, I recently discovered calisthenics and am loving every second of it. If you want to check out what it is, here is a link to the Bar Brother The System Review.


A lot of Rihanna’s songs are inspiring many people with different tastes in music. The Barbadian beauty offers different moods to get you going, i.e. hip-hop, dance, reggae, or pop. You will not get tired of her sections easily. My current favorite is “Pour It Up.” Once it plays, I’m ready to work out. Other favorite songs are “We Found Love,” “Rude Boy,” and “Right Now.” In my opinion, she is one of the most talented artists in our generation.

Calvin Harris

Calvin’s music is super catchy. “18 Months” is probably one of my favorites. It was released in 2011, and the over quality is very sophisticated and clean. The Scottish DJ is also a songwriter, record producer, and a singer. He is known for synthpop and electro house. Calvin’s album has broken the chart again and again. Some of my favorite hits are “Sweet Nothing” featuring Florence Welch and “I Need Your Love” featuring Ellie Goulding.


Avicii offers incredible electronic music. He is good at what he does. Avicii’s new album in 2011 was a big hit. His song “Levels” is undeniably irresistible. You should also check out his new hit song “Wake Me Up.” It has a great mix of country beat and house music. He can successfully embrace a punchy base and transition a perfect melody. What I love most about his music is the beat gives you a positive vibe. To make you like Avicii even more, he is heavily involved in the charity world. So he’s not only talented but is also a good guy.

davidDavid Guetta

David Guetta was voted the no. 1 DJ in 2011 in the fan poll. I admit he delivers one of the best tunes to get you moving around at the gym. His types of music include dance-pop, house, EDM (my new favorite), electro house, and a bunch more. He also works with well-known artists such as Chris Brown and LMFAO (and tons of other ones). Also, David has sold over fifteen million singles worldwide! My favorite songs are “Turn Me On” featuring Nicki Minaj.


“Dirt Off Your Shoulders,” “Holy Grail,” “Empire State of Mind,” “99 Problems” and “Brooklyn We Go Hard” are some of my favorites and will get you moving. This isn’t a surprise since Jay-Z has paired up with some of the best artists of all time such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Rihanna. He is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and rapper in the US. Forbes estimated his network to be close to $500 million in 2012.


Pitbull’s songs aren’t only perfect for when you workout but they are also suitable for dancing around. It’s a guarantee you will get the most of your workout when you listen to Pitbull. His music is motivating and aggressive that will make you push through while pumping iron. Some of the older songs such as “I Know You Want Me” and “Back in Time” will help you break the sweat. Pitbull also has worked with some of the most popular artists such as Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and Usher. If you’re looking the genres of house, pop, electronic dance, or hip-hop, look no further.

Swedish House Mafia

If you’re looking for the perfect EDM, this is it. The group was formed in 2008 in Sweden and consists of the trio named Steve, Axwell, and Sebastian. They were nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2012 and again in 2013. You may have heard their songs such as “Save the World” and “Don’t You Worry.” These are probably the best dance recording of all time. My favorite go-to dance song yet is “Reload.” This band is one of the best to choose when you exercise.

What are some of your favorite tunes when breaking the sweat? Let me know below in the comments.


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