Make Up Services for Music DJs

A makeup artist career can be a tricky choice. It means learning the craft, either from an expert music mogul or through professional schooling. It is not usually a high paying career, but the freedom and creativity it offers are appealing. This could also lead to writing books, working in department store cosmetic isles, and assisting in spas, radio stations and salons. If you have the desire, it could become not only a makeup artist career, but business is branching out into a storefront or starting your brand of cosmetics. The different areas a makeup artist may specialize in are theater, photography, fashion, television, movies, music videos, special effects, and airbrushing. Though the highest paying of these jobs centers on New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, they are needed in every major city due to cable television and photography studios doing massive amounts of local productions.

The successful makeup artist career can offer a great deal. Radio DJs could become part of the Hollywood scene, movie industry, New York theater group, fashion magazines, and behind the scenes celebrity world. It can lead to a more than lucrative business, though it usually has a slow start. A freelance makeup artist career in a small town is limiting, but one could specialize in doing wedding parties, school events such as proms, and working by contract for photographers. Every major department store has a cosmetic, and makeup artists are needed to provide customers with information on applying products and selling. Pay scales for department stores are usually low, and the money to be made is in commissions. Local TV studios have makeup people on staff, as do video production studios and sometimes advertising agencies.

Good sources for information on the music career can be found in specialized magazines and internet search engines. Local music and radio stations are excellent sources for information on a makeup artist career. Knowledge of self-employment and small business is also essential because you will need a license, insurance and legal business name. This is a career that you should have a passion for and have done enough research to understand it won’t be easy. It is not a career that can happen overnight, and you won’t often find job postings in newspapers or online. On the other hand, it can be exciting and hugely rewarding, and if music DJs are opposed to working nine to five, can be perfect. Most of which allow you to link out to the artist’s webpage or online portfolio to see some of their work. Each database usually also lists how many years of experience each artist has had, what kind of training they have had, any specialties they offer, and any noteworthy clients or contracts they have had. Some of the databases list each artist’s pricing for services, while some do not.

Another way music and radio personnel can find a black makeup artist or hair stylists in their area that are available for photography work is by checking local classified ads online. You can check the “services offered” section or post your add asking for professional makeup or hairstyling services for your photo shoot. In many of these situations, music DJs can offer to barter with the artists. Some artists, especially those artists new to the profession, need professional photos of their work to add to their portfolio. If you offer to give them a few shots for their use, they may be more likely to provide you with a significant discount, and sometimes they might not even charge you at all.


Author: editor